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The Modern Crunch is how two bicoastal best friends turned mom-tribe balance the meld of family, food, and fun. The Modern Crunch has come together to provide the best resources for paleo-friendly meal planning, attachment parenting, sustainable living, and the pursuit of adventure.

The Modern Moms Behind the Crunch

Modern Crunch Mom Stephanie
Photo Credit: Nicky Alexandria Photography


Passionate, authentic, and spent years on her toes as a professional ballerina, and now as a Navy veteran. With Stephanie’s background of medicine, alternative education, and performance, she hopes to blend and balance what it means to be a modern mother with authenticity and a commitment to the highest place of love and truth. She seeks to make this space a manual for authentic and genuine living. She is in a committed relationship with the love of her life and has an 18 month old daughter.

Modern Crunch Mom Marissa


Curious, driven, and toes the line between hippy & data-driven. She has a background in alternative education, alternative medicine, alternative thinking and decision making. Marissa currently pays the bills by managing the public relations department for a Fortune 500 company. Marissa is married to the love of her life and has a 3 year old daughter. She seeks to make this space a resource for other tribe members who want the best (fill-in-the-blank) for their family.





This is awesome. More please.


Thank you for the love, Priss! <3 More will be coming very, very soon!

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