Fun fact: The FDA has little to no regulation on what we put on our skin and use in our homes. What does this mean to us? That companies are not required to disclose their ingredients on labels. That’s kind of terrifying when you learn things like formaldehyde and SLS (among many others) are being added to items you use on a daily basis. So we’ve compiled a list of six natural items you can swap out for items in your home. All Crunch approved, and budget friendly.

Thieves Household Cleaner – The only bottle under our sink. This concentrated cleaner easily lasts us 6+ months, and can clean any surface in your home. From the greasy stovetop to the soap scum in your shower. I even use it on windows and mirrors! It smells incredible, and is all natural (of course). Aside from how cost effective it is, I never have to worry about the toddler getting into it! It’s natural ingredients means it’s safe for everyone in the family.

Song of a Sparrow Handmade Soaps – One of the first ‘crunchy’ transitions we made in our home was switching out our bottles of body wash to natural, hand-made soaps. Not only do they smell heavenly, and look too pretty to use, but it eliminated the need to buy multiple types of soap for everyone in the family. Everyone (including the tiny babies) could use one soap. I also loved that we would be reducing our trash consumption by not having a plastic bottle to toss out routinely. We started trying out different brands found on Etsy initially, and over the years have landed on Song of a Sparrow. Elisa, owner and creator, has mastered her recipe to provide a soap that lasts, lathers well, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. She’s true to the sustainability movement, and we love her products so much we squeal when they get delivered!

Natural Deodorant – Our tried and true favorites are Fatco Stank Stop, Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin, and Thai Crystal. All three are completely different mediums, but each work wonderfully to keep you smelling fresh! So toss your aluminum ridden deodorant stick, and give one of these a go.

Radius Natural Silk Floss – Biodegradable floss? Sign. Us. Up. We found this floss on Amazon, and decided to give it a try about a year ago. We’ve not gone back to anything else sense! It’s a simple swap that doesn’t have any compromise.

Wool Dryer Balls – Stop wasting money on dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls are incredibly cost efficient, last for years, and will help reduce drying time (which means a lower electricity bill!). Plus, they do the same job as those nasty dryer sheets by reducing static and softening your clothes. If you’re looking for that fresh scent, throw a few drops of your favorite essential oil on them, and you’re clothes will smell heavenly.

Steam Cleaner – We absolutely love using our McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner. This one is a bit of an investment, but requires absolutely no chemicals and can clean spaces in your house you wouldn’t have even considered. The seal on your microwave door? Steam out whatever is growing in there. Your mattress that the toddler AND family dog have peed on? Spotless. But our favorite use? The oven. Toss out that nasty oven cleaning spray, and put away the elbow grease. This steam cleaner does the tough job for you.

What are your favorite natural products to keep in your home? What items would you add to our crunch-approved list?

Go forth, and Crunch.



Want to give our top 2 items a try? Head on over to our latest Instagram post for details on how to enter our giveaway with Song of a Sparrow!

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